Have we met?

The time has come to introduce myself. I’m Bienvenido Vidal, although a lot of people call me Veni.

I was born in a place that’s perfect for supping up life with a drizzle of the best olive oil: Cordoba. That’s why my childhood could be summed up by memories of Cañada del Rabadán, a small village surrounded by fruit trees, vegetable patches and a blanket of olive groves as far as the eye can see. From a young age, my parents, Lola and Curro, taught me to appreciate fine food, food from our lands. Natural, pure ingredients that we are lucky to have on our doorstep.

Besides my passion for good food, my profession is located some metres underground. Yesterday in Bilbao, today in Ourense and tomorrow in Portugal. Connecting places, shortening distances and making the process easier with specialist machinery. Most people would call it mining, but I like to call it “underground communication”, a term that is not used very often, but I believe is the best way to describe what I do every day.

You can imagine that this nomadic life is what has caused you to value the sense of belonging and the very essence of things even more. That’s why Olivamía comes from the neighbouring fields between Cordoba and Seville where we work on producing, packaging and transporting the best olive oil.

We pay attention to every product detail so the very nature of it is maintained until it reaches the end consumer. After all, we wouldn’t enjoy what we do half as much if we didn’t pass our values on to everyone else; our passion for our local extra virgin olive oil is contagious! Our local land that is as much mine as it is ours.

Veni Vidal.

Our local land that is as much mine as it is ours